February 5, 2011

Our Tanning Products

Sun-Kissed Studio is Proud to be using the Jamaica Me Tan Airbrush Tanning Solution:

Jamaica Me Tan's airbrush tanning solutions are specially formulated to enrich the skin's moisture leaving it hydrated and nourished for the best possible sunless tan. Fortified with aloe and vitamins, our proprietary solutions are fueled with triple bronzers for the deepest, darkest, most natural tan possible.

Jamaica Me Tan has been bronzing thousands of perfect airbrush tans all over the U.S. & two countries so far. We would love to add your area to our expanding business and watch you become successful with your Airbrush Tan Adventure.

One airbrush spray tan takes only minutes to apply and develops fully in 8-12 hours. Our tan works well with all skin types, even fair skinned people & people who do not normally tan in the sun or a tanning bed. One session will achieve your desired results.

Jamaica Me Tan tanning solutions leave your clients with no blotchiness, no orange coloring & no harmful ingredients! Giving each client a flawless light golden sun kiss, a beautiful cocoa brown or a deep rich bronze, and everything in between depending on what they desire.


Airbrush Tanning is unique, natural and beautiful. You can achieve a deep dark tan a beautiful brown or golden glow. We work with each client individually to make sure your tan is exactly the shade you are looking for.