Prep for a tan

These are the steps to follow before you get an Airbrush Tan.

1. Shower or bathe and exfoliate prior to your session. Since the chemical process affects only the top layer of skin, as your skin sloughs off, your tan can go with it. Your skin must be smooth, clean and dry to get a smooth, clean tan. NO LOTIONS PRIOR TO TANNING. NO LOOFAH-Loofah sponges can cause streaking; we recommend pre-tan exfoliating with a rough wash cloth or exfoliating wash.

2. Wear loose fitting, dark clothing and flip-flop shoes after your spray tan session. Tight or rough clothes, such as jeans will rub on your skin, and reduce the effect of your tan. The tanning solution may stain silk, wool and synthetic fabrics, so these should not be worn in the first 24 hours after the spray tan session.